Username Groups are a type of group, that is easily joined simply by putting a Shortened group name in front of your username, It is unknown who is the first Username group is, but the earliest notable group was the UTTP.


  • Very easy to joined, by putting a group name infront of your username.
  • Easy for people to Identify if you are in that group.


  • Very hard to monitor people in that group, even if you made the rule about being in those group, they will get away with it anyway.
  • Sometimes the group might easily get forgotten.

Notable Username groups

Please note that there are not much information about most of those groups, and it is unknown what those username groups stand for, if you find any information about those username groups please comment here.

  • VGCP
  • EDCP
  • NDCP
  • UTTP
  • POE
  • TPNG
  • OWN
  • TEIT
  • IGUA
  • NODD
  • TTF
  • ADL
  • RFAA

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