Victor is an antagonist in Comedy World that only appears in two episodes: The Halloween Bash and Victor Strikes Back. He is voiced
by David/Zack/Evil Genius.

Role in THB

Victor made his debut appearance in The Halloween Bash, along with his unnamed friends. He appeared when Eric and PC Guy were hiding at a cemetery. He said Eric's costume was "nice" sarcastically. Before Eric could finish his response, Victor splashed water at the duo (luckily, PC Guy blocked 95% of it with his guitar).

Shortly after that, the brothers started teasing Victor and his allies, and ran off to Bart Avenue (the bad part of Lakeside City), which made things worse.

After Eric threatened to call the cops, the duo didn't have to worry about getting chased by teens until 10 months later.


Very little is known about him, except that we know he was born circa 1996.

Relationship with Eric & PC Guy

PC Guy knows Victor is a criminal, while Eric thinks of him as a friend.