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This is Warren Cook, Note his avatar is "Mac Guy".

Warren Cook is a GoAnimate and YouTube user. "Good users" are calling for his head on a pike just because he makes things called "fake VHS openings". He is the prime example of why "good users" are not really good users at all.

Physical appearance

Warren usually appears as the Mac Guy: a person with old style eyes used before 2011, brown short hair, a blue-white striped shirt, gray pants and dark gray shoes.

Appearances in the GoAnimate universe

OliverWestern Series

In OliverWestern's videos, a character named Warren Cook shares his name with this particular Warren Cook. See Warren Cook (OliverWestern Version) for more details.

Drillimation's Series

Warren makes a brief cameo in Calooby gets in Dead Meat. He receives a red card, as punishment, for being really rude.

IA's series

Wikia Fan, how dare you watch Warren Cook!

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Warren was falsely accused of rape and arson, he was sentenced to 73 years in jail, but he escaped 20 years later and went on a killing spree, to this day, he remains at large.

Random goanimate videos

In the GoAnimate videos (not smirks, IA, Momogowi, etc.), Warren (known as Cookie) is a species, all members have Warren's head, but they have a different body. They also keep chewing the air for some reason...

Real or Fake?

It is often debated whether or not Warren Cook is even a real person: the so called 'real life' pictures of Warren Cook, are actually pictures of a so called 'good user', and the fact that there are at least fifty Warren accounts, supports the theory that Warren Cook is not a real person, and he is just simply, a persona, adopted by multiple users.


  • This child has probably been subjected to the most grounded videos of all time.
  • This child has also probably been subjected to the most grounded video spoofs of all time.


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