Created By Pingy Animatronic


Warren Watches American Dragon: Jake Long On Disney Channel and He Got Grounded By His Dad!


  • Brian as Warren Cook
  • Alan as Alan Cook
  • Eric as TV Announcer


  • Warren Cook: I Will Watch American Dragon: Jake Long on Disney Channel While My Dad is Not Around!
  • TV Announcer: Coming Up Next American Dragon: Jake Long!
  • (Warren Is Watching The Show)
  • (5 Minutes Later)
  • Warren Cook: Wow! That Show Is So Cool! I Think Im Gonna Watch It Again!
  • (Alan Cook Shows Up)
  • Warren Cook: Uh Oh! Im In Deep Doo Doo!
  • Alan Cook: Warren Cook! I Cannot Believe You Watched American Dragon: Jake Long! That TV Show is Made By Disney! And You are Not Suppose To Watch Anything Made By Disney!
  • Warren Cook: But Dad! It's My Favorite Show On My ChildHood!
  • Alan Cook: I Do Not Care! Your Grounded For 1092084937503843759387592848936582 Decades! Go Upstairs To Your Room and Watch The Powerpuff Girls as Punishment!
  • (Warren Cook Is Running To His Room Crying)

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