When Rin Met Igor is a GoAnimate movie explaining the origins of Rin x Igor. It is created by Igor the Mii and Sophie the Otter.


This film describes how Rin first met Igor, became friends, and eventually fell in love.


  • Julie as Rin
  • Paul as Igor and KingKool720
  • Kalya as Sophie
  • Eric as Kaito
  • Kimberly as Info-chan
  • Young Guy as Len, Pingy and James
  • Emma as Miku


(Cut to GoGang walking down a street, until see a sign saying "Vocaloid Hotel".)

Igor: "Umm? Let's go there."

Sophie: "What would it be?"

Igor: "I don't know, but Miku invited us over there."

(They enter the Vocaloid Hotel.)

Miku: "Oh, hello! You must be the GoGang!"

Igor: "Hi, Hatsune Miku! I am the flarest Known as Igor."

(Miku looks at Igor.)

Miku: "You look perfect for one of the Vocaloids."

Igor: "Wait, which Vocaloid? I don't think I am ready for a relationship with a Vocaloid."

Miku: "You will see."

(Miku walks away.)

Igor: "I'm curious now. Which Vocaloid is perfect for me?"

(Igor sighs.)

Sophie: "For whatever reason, I think it is a blonde Vocaloid."

(Igor sighs again and sits on the sofa.)

(Kaito sits next to Igor.)

Kaito: "Hey, Igor. Do you think I am a good Vocaloid?"

Igor: "Sort of."

Kaito: "Alright."

(Kaito holds a picture of Rin.)

Kaito (whispering to himself): "Rin, you will be Mine!"

Igor: "What are you talking about, Kaito?"

Kaito: "Oh, it's nothing. Hehehe..."

(Igor facepalms.)

(Cut to Rin's room.)

Rin: "Wow... this new iPhone sure is awesome!"

(Miku walks in.)

Miku: "Rin! We have visitors!"

Rin: "Visitors? Oh boy!"

Miku: "And we have a perfect visitor for you! His name is Igor!"

(Rin walks downstairs.)

(Cut back to the main room.)

Igor: "You know, Len, I managed to reform a schoolgirl who collects information of other girls and gives you favors if you give her panty shots."

Len: "What's her name?"

Igor: "Info-chan. She is also my girlfriend."

(Info-chan looks at Len.)

Info-chan: "Hi!"

Len: "Hi, Info-chan."

Igor: "Oh, right."

(Rin walks towards Igor.)

Igor: "Hi..."

Rin: "Miku, is this boy Igor?"

Miku: "Yes!"

Rin: "Hi Igor!"

Igor: "Hi. What's your name, blonde Vocaloid?"

Rin: "Rin."

Igor: "I could've sworn that Rin was the boy. Just kidding! The boy is Len."

Rin: "So, wanna be friends?"

Igor: "Sure!"

(Igor cheers.)

Sophie: "Wow, Igor."

Igor: "Oh."

(Igor sighes.)

Pingy: "I have a small crush on Miku."

(Miku feels like flipping the bird to Pingy, but remebers that flipping the bird is mean.)

Miku: "Oh, alright."

Pingy: "Phew. That was close."

Miku: "Yeah. I almost flipped you off!"

Pingy: "Oh?"

Miku: "I don't know why."

(Igor and Rin are now on the rooftop.)

Pingy: "Wait, where'd Igor and Rin go?"

Miku: "I don't know."

Sophie: "Let's go check...."

(The three look for Igor and Rin.)

(Cut to the rooftop.)

Igor: "The sky is blue, like always... unless there are too much clouds, of course."

Rin: "Indeed. I adore the peace this place has to offer!"

Igor: "I agree!"

[Pingy, Miku, and Sophie appear]

Sophie: "Igor?"

Pingy: "Rin?"

Miku: "What are you doing up here?"

Rin: "We're just enjoying the beauty the rooftop provides."

Igor: "Yeah..."

(Info-chan appears as well.)

Info-chan: "I do not feel right."

Igor: "Why?"

Info-chan: "Errr... why are you hanging out with another girl, Igor?" 

Igor: "I'm a ladies' man! That's all!"

Info-chan: "Yeah, I know..."

(Info-chan walks towards the edge of the rooftop.)

Info-chan: "Goodbye, cruel world..."

(Miku holds Info-chan back towards Sophie and Pingy.)

Miku: "Are you crazy? You just tried to kill yourself! Control yourself, young lady!"

(James drops by.)

James: "Info-Chan is a Yandere! Not to quote Jim Ross, but business is about to pick up!"

Sophie: "Wait! Info-Chan can still like Igor. She needs to accept that Igor is already with another girl."

Igor: "True."

Info-chan: "Oh, alright...."

(Info-chan sobs.)

Igor: "Don't feel sad."


(Igor kisses Info-chan.)

Igor: "I still love you..."

Info-chan: "I'm okay now..."

James: "Igor has too many girlfriends."

Igor: "But I have broke up with all of them, other than Info-chan an Patchouli."

Rin: "I want something..."

Igor: "What is it? A kiss?"

Rin: "Well...Yes..."

Info-chan: "Uh?! SERIOUSLY?!"

[Igor kisses Info-chan 1 more time]

Igor: "Ummm..."



  • Miku knew that Igor and Rin would fall in love with each other.
  • The title is a reference to the film When Harry Met Sally.

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