Windows XP is an Operating System that Came out in 2001 and got unsupported in 2014.

Current Windows XP Users

  • Ashton Jean (left The GoAnimate Commmunity)
  • Ivan The Duel Trainer (This user has Closed His Account)
  • PanHater2002
  • Master Kirby Enterprises fomerly known as KirbyComedian2014 (left The GoAnimate Community)
  • MagnusOmegusYesBorisNo
  • TTTE&SpongebobYes FurfagsNo (This User is hated by alot of People)

Former Windows XP Users

  • Cool as Ice (as of early 2016) (Upgraded uses Windows 10)
  • Oeboinez (as of July 2017) (now uses Windows 7)
  • Adel Essam/Mephone4 Rules Est. 2016 (as of Mid 2016) (now uses Mac OS X)
  • bloo yes zootopia no/Spongebob Yes Duckman No/Juan Carlos (as of Early 2017) (Upgraded to Windows 7, then Upgraded to Windows 10, then Downgraded to Windows 7)
  • Smoreo (as of 2016) (Upgraded to Windows 10)
  • CaillouRocks2009 UTTP THDTC (Now uses Windows Vista, then Upgraded His PC to Windows 7 then Downgraded to Vista) (This User is inactive and Hated by a Lot of People)
  • OneDirectionAndLittleMixFanatic (as of early 2016) (now uses Windows Vista)
  • Inez Thomas (as of Fall 2017) (now uses Windows 7)
  • Sam Da Vlogger (as of 2012) (Upgraded to Windows 8, Upgraded to Windows 10 after that)
  • PikaPikaGirl (Then used Windows 7, Now She uses Windows 10, Then her Computer broke)
  • Sara Tomspky (as of December 2017) (now uses Windows 10)
  • TommyFilmsPro (as October 2014) (now uses Windows 7)