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Created by Igor


Yandere-Chan attends a Satoru Iwata Memorial at her school with her classmates and she kills 5 of them and yells insults about the late Iwata, then she gets grounded.


Yandere-Chan: Princess

Senpai and Pingy: Young Guy

Info-Chan and Sanae Kochiya: Kimberly

Sophie and Jelly: Kayla

Igor: Paul

Mordecai: Brian


Teacher: "Good morning class, we have some sad news, Satoru Iwata has died from bile duct cancer and we are going to have a memorial."

Yandere-Chan: "Oh Hell no! I'd rather hang out with Senpai than being on a F**king Memorial!"

Teacher: "Yandere-Chan, Do not swear!"

Yandere-Chan: "Fine."

[At Gym Room]

Igor: "Today, a special person has passed way. his name is Satoru Iwata."

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