Yeardley Ann "Yay" Young is a colored version of Cherry created by Sophie the Otter. He is a young cheerleader who brightens things up. He often praises people for accomplishments. He originally came from San Francisco, but his family moved to New Zealand when he was 4.


  • Real Full Name: Yeardley Ann Young
  • Preferred Nickname: Yay
  • Date of Birth: September 5th, 2009
  • Zodiac: Virgo
  • Age: 6
  • Gender: Male
  • Nationality: Of Swiss and German ancestry
  • Voice: Ivy
  • Non-GoAnimate Voice: Katie Leigh
  • Hometown: San Francisco, California (formerly), New Zealand (currently)
  • Traits: Peppy, Enthusiastic, Carefree, Cute, Curious
  • Species: Jerboa (Sophie the Otter's fanon), human (other versions)
  • Likes: Cheerleading, Parties, Cute Things, Vintage Cartoons, Disney, Girly Things, Fun, School
  • Dislikes: Sadness, Death, Boyish Things, Booing Crowds


In Sophie the Otter's fanon, Yay is a beige jerboa with blonde hair and blue eyes. He wears a yellow cheerleading outfit with a "Y" embedded on the shirt, white tights, and golden shoes. His outfit is slightly modeled after Dotty Dog's from The Get Along Gang.

In human form, he is 3 feet 7 inches tall with blue eyes has his hair in a bun. He has a pale complexion and feminine build. He resembles Pullip dolls.


  • His nickname "Yay" is an acronym of the first, middle, and last initials. It is also based on his overall cheerleader type.

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